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Alexis Turner's "London Taxidermy"



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'Smuggling of endangered species amounting to huge amount of money'

traded like guns and drugs



Woman tried to smuggle a sedated monkey onto a plane by hiding it under her shirt and claiming she was pregnant

In a sign that animal smuggling is becoming more prevalent, a South African man accused of trying to smuggle hundreds of rare chameleons, snakes, lizards and frogs out of Madagascar inside his jacket and hand luggage has been convicted and sentenced to a year in jail.

 The lengths human go to, in order to obtain these animals are interesting, I'm inspired to start looking at ways which people conceal and keep items safe on the body. 


Viktor Wynd is a collector with no apparent filter – taxidermy


Dress Code?

Yes, Harrods has a dress code. It prohibits: "...ripped jeans, high cut Bermuda or beach shorts, swim wear, athletic singlets, cycling shorts, flip flops or thong sandals, dirty or unkempt clothing." Furthermore "Any extremes of personal presentation are prohibited as are bare feet and exposed midriffs

Horniman Musuem

Frederick John Horniman first opened his house and extraordinary collection of objects to visitors. With internationally important collections of anthropology and musical instruments, as well as an acclaimed aquarium, a Butterfly House and natural history collection.


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Reptile smugglers: snakes in the grass?

Author Jennie Erin Smith explores the wild world of reptile smuggling in her book "Stolen World."

These reptiles hold value that could be comparable to Jewels,  



Illegal killing of elephants for ivory decimates global populations. Estimates indicate that each year poachers slaughter close to 20,000 elephants, mostly for their tusks. Fueling this rampant poaching is a steady consumer demand for ivory. Overall, we see demand increasing in East Asian and Southeast Asian markets, with the greatest demand in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. WWF is working to shut down the illegal markets in Thailand, and helped end the legal ivory trade in China. By tackling these markets now as part of a pan-Asian approach, WWF aims to leverage China’s recent actions to ban the ivory trade to prevent further displacement of the current China ivory trade to nearby countries.

The Green Men / Harrods British Icon

'British Icon with a ceremonial role of welcoming guests to the Harrods store.'



The department first opened in 1917, when it offered customers the chance to buy exotic animals - from tigers to camels. Canadian actress Beatrice Lillie is said to have given Noël Coward an alligator, bought from the store, as a gift, while former American president Ronald Reagan once ordered a baby elephant called Gertie.

In 1976, the Endangered Species Act was passed and the store was forced to stop selling exotic pets and to stick to domestic animals - such as dogs, hamsters and guinea pigs. In the past, the shop has come under fire from animal charities, which are pleased by the section's closure.