I had my Critique with one the students in fashion his name was Gary, we introduced our projects to one another and I felt that though he did not have a lot of samples he had a very interesting concept linking Harrods doors in to his own culture. He gave me helpful advice on how I could create an interesting / develop my concept forward; one of the suggestions he gave me was to look at something in contrast to Harrods and make it link ... this would give me / create a more interesting body of work.

I chose to mention medusa and the story of the mythology - because as I walked in to the store my eyes were lost - looking at everything in wonders.

I took that and ran with the idea, I soon began to explore the snakes she had on her heads and linked it to the research I was looking at which were exotic animal smuggling and the desires we have for them. 

 After seeing Gary's research I finally understood the meaning of detail - that Patrica was talking about. His drawings were finely drawn. 

The critique was very helpful and I was able to move my project forward in a way I never thought it would go. Today was also our last day looking at the project, I didn't know If this was something I wanted to carry forward or completely move back to the unit 7 project I had of interpreting my mothers story of refugee. Both are exciting however the personal story was something I felt a closer attraction to exploring. Maybe I might be able to combine the two projects together some how... However if it doesn't link I don't think I would want to force it to. Even though this project was so short I was able to really get a lot done out of the project / series of samples.


13/ 3 / 18

Feedback from Tutorial - Gail My feedback from Gail was positive however I personally also knew I had a long way to go in create samples which I feel proud of. One of the things Gail mentioned was using a range of different materials (whether it be markers and different paper) She wasn't too keen on the tie dye because she felt that it's just tie dye and that it wasn't very interesting - however I saw potential in it and really want to prove her wrong. The suggestions she gave me was to work on a bigger scale on Thursday by creating bigger prints, for the time being extract shapes in my drawings and re translate them using different materials. Gail really liked the red, green and black colour combination on my drawings. 

Overall Scale of my work was something I wanted to explore further, looking at wallpaper sizes / translating it to an object and covering it all in the print.


  6 / 3 / 18 Tutorial feedback -  Patrica felt that my sketchbook size was perfect for me, she also made a suggestions to build on the layers (drawings) I had and combine it with print whilst also focusing on more details. I wasn't sure what she meant by details other than focusing more on what is in front of me which I thought what I was doing however she say it was too abstract in shapes and that there needs to be more details in the drawings to make it more interesting and pictures (photograph referencing) give context to my work. Which I clearly agreed because flipping through the pages there was not a clear narrative to what I was looking at unless I was there to explain my work... and I needed my work to be able to stand and speak for it self. From the tutorial with Pat I was driven to get my work together for the next tutorial and hopefully show her my ideas. I knew from the last project I slacked and this was the project where I wanted to make the work exciting.


10 / 3 / 18

research lo and 

- The Egyptian themed placed. (it screamed lu

oking at the history of Harrods and visiting Harrods. Several things stood out to me during my visit to the Harrods 

- One of those things were the statue of Diana


I came back home to research further in to the history of Harrods and it's past. I found several articles which were interesting, which were 

- Harrods used to be a pet store (selling luxury exotic animals

this really stood out to me because of the current situation within leather/fur and exotic skins within fashion being used, this is just another aspect I felt linked in to it. 

-Dress code within Harrods

I never knew until finding this article, that there was a dress code for the public to abide by when visiting the store.  Discrimination? I was not surprised at the same time because the image of Harrods screams fancy, luxury. It's crazy because living in London all my life, I never really felt the need to go to Harrods on a daily ( I visited it once when I was younger as a family outing) However ever since then, It's a place that I imagine the rich and famous shopping at, or tourists who want to bring back a souvenir of London.










14/ 3 / 18 Trying to reinterpret tie-dyeing ( gail suggestion) what is tie dyeing - to me its a blend of colours that I really loved from tie dyeing and I definitely see the potential she suggested because it was more controlled than literal tie dyeing, I could control the pattern and colour blends on the paper through Water colour and wax ( resist )


however I still see potential in tie - dyeing because of the unexpected results it gives, makes it exciting and interesting to work with and develop. My vision for tie dye was to use it was a base and work over the top of it through repeat prints and applique, to make a interesting contrast. I'll try both methos out to see the results and evaluate what works well and what doesn't.


12/ 3 /18

Natural History Museum for research in to Exotic animal skins, I chose to focus on looking at reptiles in particular, because they are considered as collectables - as if there were toys, rare skins and colours are what makes them appealing. 



-mix of colours 

- Skins are comparable to emerald / jewels 





11 / 3 / 18 I started to tie dye and create samples inspired by dyeing the fabric in my chosen colours because from my drawings I felt dyeing the fabric to create a blank canvas in which I could then print on top of them. 10 / 3 / 18 used clay to interpret the snake's form and textured scale - which I could then Paint and use as a start to build more on to whether it be I start to use the shapes to print with or join together using other methods. I started to collage and mark make on the page using relevant colours.

Digital Prints

My digital prints are a combination of drawings which I've done by hand and then scanned digitally to create several patterns in different colour ways. One of the things I explored was different colour schemes, as I was not sure what colours I would want my prints / design to be.


Exploring colour within my prints and designs.






9 / 3 / 18 Collating all my research together whilst also gathering some reference pictures I found myself getting stuck, not sure about how I could move this project forward or how It's going to come together. I decided to start go to the museum of curiosities to build more on to my research and imagery. The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History - This was where I was fascinated by things they had in jars and skeletons on display with animals which were stuffed.

- I could dye things in jars and leave them there for a week / documenting the process

I felt that within a short space of time, that I had done alot of research however not much drawings and development. This was when I just started to reflect back to the early days of foundation and repeated the steps of mark making learnt and also Collages. To begin to create something on a page, I realised that  this tends to be an issue I often have, I focus too much on the research that I often get lost in it or I just don't start and just have ideas written down and this forces me to get stuck because I don't do anything / so I don't know if it works and I can't evaluate the process.

8 / 3 / 18 I started to draw on to A2 loose sheets because I felt that drawing in the A5 landscape sketchbook was restricting and I wasn't able to experiment as much as I could.

Thinking realistically as possible, I knew this project was going to be a short project so the jar documenting that I had in mind was a interesting idea however I wasn't able to get it done in time. I just decided to resist dye the fabric instead. Experiment with colour swatches.


4 / 3 / 18

Researching the history of Harrods, it started out as an in door supermarket. visiting Harrods was exciting because it's a place I have never been since I was 6yrs old when my parents took me. Now that I am older I never found a reason to visit the place. Going to Harrods two things stood out to me the most about the visit As I visited Harrods there was where I found a statue with of Diana and Dodi - "Innocent Victims" I was inspired to research in to Diana as a fashion icon. - Researching more in to Harrods - I found out their was a dress code policy that customers would have to adhere to when visiting. Harrods also used to sell exotic animals to the super rich and famous, however stopped in 2014, this was what stood out to me the most I wanted to research further in to the trade of exotic animals and came across several newspaper articles that demonstrate the lengths that people go to, in order to obtain the animals for themselves or to sell.


In conclusion, I'll visit several museums to further explore the themes I've chosen and start to draw from them / mark make and create patterns for prints.