On the day of the shoot I was mentally prepared for any mishaps to happen only because one, I knew that the garment I made could either not fit the model or fit. It was a 50% chance however in knowing the model prior, I knew that the trousers would definitely fit her even though I did it my waist size ( it was because she also had a small waist) in my head I was subconsciously designing for her. I made the blouse a bit too tight around the neck because I had forgotten it was a high neck so getting in and out was difficult. I had to find a solution to the problem fast in order for the shoot to proceed - I decided to un-pick on the spot using a safety pin, to get her to get the top to fit over her head. Everything else became smooth sailing.  

I was really pleased with the outcome of the shoot and loved the colour of the dye, which was something I was surprised about myself. 


14 / 04 /18

I finally got round to shooting my garment, today and the shoot was very successful. I didn't get a chance to do the shoot on Friday because I didn't feel like my work was good enough but I still want to be able to showcase my final garment on a model to show it's potential. 

I underestimated my timing a lot with this project. One of those things were, dyeing fabric takes long especially if I wanted to achieve a certain colour, waiting for it to dry was another additional factor I forgot to remember. I remember writing about it within my reflection, however, discarded the factor whilst doing it, I guess it could have been because time was ticking, I wanted to get it done fast / quickly.  The garment that I had planned to shoot today was still quite wet and so I mad the decision to blow dry it to get it dry. 


I am extremely happy with the outcome and now have to think about my evaluation and getting my portfolio together / organised for Monday. Even though I started this week in a mess, overall I felt that I organised myself well enough in time to be able to get two garments done and a lookbook, Which would have felt impossible, I somewhat felt that the short timescale I was given forced me to make quicker decisions, in addition, I also had to think on my feet with the decisions I made that didn't go well. For example, at the last minute, I ran out of the yellow dye and had to substitute it for Tumeric. ( natural dye ) I was worried it was not going to take in the colour well because the fabric I was using was synthetic rather than natural fibre to my surprise, it worked well and I was able to achieve an orange tone combining the two non-natural dye.


12 / 04 / 18 

Whilst I was dying the top of my garment / Blouse I made a spontaneous decision to bead the trousers using the pearls to represent ( my mother's beaded bracelet - her lucky charm through her childhood. ) Through the process of making my garment, I wasted a lot of time not going. This could be due to the fact that I did not make a finalised toile and instead made several processed different items of garments instead because of my indecisive nature. 


-Dyeing the fabric gave it a subtle tint of colour which was what I was really pleased of. 

Something that went wrong during the dying process was the right side of the fabric absorbed the dye alot more than the wrong side and because my garment was initially white at first I had no idea; I had sewn the back garment the wrong way around with the right side actually on the inside of the garment. It ended up creating two tones of colours, 


Tomorrow I want to do a shoot and quickly get a lookbook together. 




11 / 04 /18

I eventually got round to completing my Top, I decided to take the risk and dye it completely orange and build on top of the colour (using the orange as a base instead of the plain white) I then wanted to contrast it on top with a second session of dying with the brown to intensify the colours and create an interesting pattern. 

 Painting the panel white was a great suggestion by Gail and a decision well made by me, I could have 




Today I want to completely finish my garment the top and the trousers off and start to begin to think about the evaluation and written work I have left to do. I don't know how realistic it is for me to achieve it all by the end of today because I still need to dye my fabric for the final outcome to be complete. It took me to long to decide if I wanted to dye the garment or not. I was afraid that the garment would be ruined because the colours of the dye didn't compliment the colours of the other fabrics. 

However, even though I was able to complete my trousers i was not pleased with the situation that I had with - not buying enough of the orange fabric - having to substitute for the grey. 

I told Gail about the situation and she suggested I paint it / plaster it to change the texture of the fabric panel completely, I thought it was an interesting idea and decided to run with it - I had nothing to lose at this point because I hated the current situation of the trousers, it was not complimentary what so ever. 



Wednesday 4th April 

Initial design ideas, I had several ideas on of which was to translate my prints and patterns into a wallpaper design or a ceramic piece inspired by the ceramic bowls I was looking at, I decided to use clay in my work because I felt that I could be experimenting alot more with the use of unconventional materials, this would hopefully make my work alot more interesting instead of using plain yarns and fabric, 

I remembered at the beginning of foundation the tutors asked us to use two words to describe how you would like people to react to your work;  interesting and thoughtful.

Most of my work has been not so thoughtful, I would say I've tended to waste alot of time thinking about the process rather than doing it, I would like this project for me to push to the best of my abilities to demonstrate refined textile outcomes. 

 - using the clay I would also like to dye them to see what happens to them and use the samples to embellish on my knit samples.


Thursday 5th April 

Peer Critique I had several suggestions made by my peers which were

I should start to think about my colour schemes and the final colours to be used, even if I didn't know exactly what it was to be.

Experiment more with the smocking, using different fabrics and they did not understand why I started the knitting samples, I said because embroidery took long to do I wanted to try and recreate it through knit samples and embellish on top of them or manipulate the knit samples.


Friday 6th April 

Today was the day where I finally made the decision to make a garment, however, I was not sure what I would be making, if it was a dress or a top or a pair of trousers, It made me realise that I needed to do a series of initials designs and lineup. Although I had done some draping which helped inform my silhouettes/design. 

and because of the textiles samples I've done, I would be able to combine the techniques to create an interesting garment.


Saturday 7th April 

I went to buy my the fabrics because I knew that I didn't have much time left, I bought fabrics which I felt resembled my colours palette which was strongly 

orange tones / red/ black/blue

I bought my fabric, however, I still had no clue what I was making, I picked two designs which I really liked the silhouette of and started to pattern cut the trouser designs. Thankfully today I was able to get the pattern cutting complete. Furthermore, I'm worried because of my indecisiveness I'll end up dragging the designs and the process would change.


Sunday 8th April

 I finally decided to make a start on the trousers to have something as my final piece, it felt natural because I learnt how to pattern cut and made several toile, which felt natural to lead itself into a final garment piece. Even though I thought about creating a short film of my mother in her interview and creating prints that would be apart of an interactive installation piece for the public where the view was able to contribute to a larger scale work.( it was only the beginning ) 


in completing my trousers within a day something problematic occurred, I ran out of the orange fabric and had to substitute it for the grey satin fabric I had lying around, It didn't look the best / the colour combination felt really off to be but in a short span of time I could not complain and was just relieved to get it done. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a suggestion from the tutors on how I could make it work. Maybe I might have to run to the fabric shop and get more fabric? I'm hoping not to because it would mean I would have to waste more time on the trousers when I haven't started the top and thought about what exactly I was going to make. Other than a complete look.

 My ultimate mission changed to me making a complete look.

combining all the processes I have learnt 

-pattern cutting

-resist dye



Monday 9th April

First Day back to uni and we were paired up with our partners, my partner was Alice. We introduced the project to each other and it was helpful to get an opinion of what I have done so far because even though we spoke through email she didn't get a chance to see it in real life, she told me that my work could be more developed because at the moment my samples are scattered and aren't cohesive which I totally agreed. 

- My aim was to make a more cohesive body of samples that related well to my sketchbook and it's narrative. I had everything there but it was just getting around to organising it and making it presentable. 



 In today's lesson I was able  to pitch and gain more clarity in where my project is going and what gaps I have within my project whilst getting an objective perspective from my peers on how I could move my project forward and what artist's that I never knew they could recommend to me. 




 Choosing the images - was difficult because I had to go through quite a few images until I got it down to my selected few.




Monday 2nd April 

Smocking samples and learning different techniques of smocking which I would like to eventually incorporate in to my final piece.

Burning the different types of fabric I had to replicate the distressing scenes of the children born with skin diseases - I tried ripping and fraying the edges, it then leads me to burn the fabric. It was when i discovered that the synthetic fabrics melt and natural fibres burn and combining the two through stitch and embroidery would make an interesting layer effect.


I want to proceed to experiment with the synthetic fabric because it gives more texture.


Sunday 1st April 

Digital Print experimentation. I did some several Print design and used the process we learnt previously within the course to create several collages and then started to translate them into more refined repeats digitally.  I'm hoping to look for a way to develop these digital prints out from paper and into other materials.


Looking at artist India flint's work was very inspiring because she uses resist dyeing but has a different approach where she uses natural dyes/dyes which she finds within her location and combines it with a different metallic tools from spanners to nails to create this rusted imprinted on to the fabric.

I wanted to try this method out using rusted metals - but I couldn't find any that was rusty and so I had to substitute it for just household items/objects I thought would give nice unusual texture and shapes.

 It came out really well and I enjoyed the process, however, the only downside is / it takes a long time to dye because sometimes its too tight and takes a while for the dye to penetrate.



"cause and effect"

I decided to drape on the body using another technique which was learnt during foundation which was;  

- Select two / three shapes within my sketchbook and enlarge it on a plain white paper. To create interesting shapes. 

- I also felt ambitious and wanted to draft a pattern, learning to pattern cut a blazer and changing the style line/shape.  

I used books such as

Winfred Aldrich / Metric pattern cutting for Womenswear 

Hilary Campbell / Designing Patterns 

These books were really helpful and I found it easy to follow, on the other hand, I was stuck on the measurements, I did not know what size to make my blocks and who would be the model. I decided to go with my size because at least then I would be able to adjust them to have the right features I want at certain lengths / however, I know this would change because my model would be taller and would give the trousers a completely different look. Which I would have to keep in mind when making the final trousers.




Monday 26th March

Not knowing what my final piece would be I initially thought it would be easier to start creating textiles samples, for the whole week and then start to 

Tuesday 25th March

Print Design using the collage series we learnt during our first units of foundation, I wanted to incorporate

Wednesday 28th March

embroidery was definitely something I wanted to incorporate into my work. 

Thursday 29th March

knitting samples series, I wanted to create 5 different knit samples.

which were inspired by my embroidery samples, this was my solution for embroidery because embroidery itself was taking me so long to do, one sample. 

I also decided to embellish my work because I felt that embroidery was ultimately embellishment, I tried distressing and layering the techniques to create an intricate body of samples.

- lead me to look at lacing ways to replicate the light airiness / delicate .

-EVERYTHING was conventional in terms of the materials I was using ( Try using the unconventional materials ) 

Friday 30th March

Suggestions made by my partner were  to finalise my colours and work on the textures and shape of my prints a lot more. 

for the last few weeks I've been working a lot inside my sketchbook and I felt as though it's restricted me and I should start to work outside of my sketchbook/ experiment with different materials.



 Today I started to knit a few samples using fabric (synthetic) which I cut into strips, I'm hoping to create a variety of them to then be able to build and embellish on top or even destroy and distress.

- dye

- buring fabric test using the knit samples to see the effects it gives.




Tie dyeing several samples 

using different fabrics/colours and experimenting with the idea of resist. I used rubber bands, clips, marbles and pencils. I then went to research further into traditional resist dyeing. 

Came across Batik and Shibori  



Scars and wounds were something I was really interested in because I could use the term and personify it to bad memories. You will always have them and yes it gets better but you can't forget, which was what my mother said to me - she could never forget those memories - I asked her openly if she had anything she used for comfort during distressing times and that was when she brought out a beaded bracelet.

Beads - this was when I started to look at embellishments - 

Looking at broken things and making it beautiful.

We had ceramic bowls which I thought would be amazing to embellish. Instead of taking bowls I had at home and smashing it into pieces, I tried to replicate it through clay, and paint over it afterwards. Whilst it is still wet I wanted to pierce a hole in other for my me to be able to stitch the ceramic pieces on to fabric.

 I was then inspired to look at interior decor / environment installation pieces. I want to be able to go to the geffrye museum to further my research of ceramics.




I also had a conversation with a friend just pitching random tangents of ideas and themes to her, It helped me gather my thoughts together, because this was when I was at the point in time where I did not know where I was going with the project, it felt like an infinite circle which I didn't seem to be moving forward from. overall I feel like I'm jumping from one idea to another when I should start to create/make a mark and then start to make informed decisions from there.



I did some research using the internet just finding initial images which I could then work from and start to mark make 

I also collated some of my parent's old mages which I thought would be a great starting point - imagery reference to use and draw ideas from. This was when I began looking in to Tattoo's, both my parent's had tattoos but for different reasons. This lead me to look at scars and wounds - trying to link it in to memories of war



I knew from this project I wanted it to be ambitious, I wanted to push my boundary and learn to make and explore areas which I have not tried. I started off Interviewing my mothers and writing a transcript of it up. Exploring her past and her memories of the Vietnam war and her experience of the war. 

Certain things stood out from our conversation and I wanted to take them and reinterpret them in to the modern day context or just to juxtapose. I knew that I needed to go to the Tate Modern for research as well as Imperial Museum would be a great start. I wanted to make it my goal to go to the museums within this week and complete as much research as I could in the library. 



Kings Cross Library - Materials Section







Fabric Manipulation




 I researched different techniques and design processes such as smocking and embroidery because it related to my work so well and I would be able to push my work forward / by making it more interesting layering the techniques.  I came across works of Kirsty Whitlock who embroiders on to thrown away objects


discarded objects - I was obsessed with this idea of objects being meaningless however the quote  - another man's trash is another man's treasure - made me think of someone's value to object is not the same in the eyes of another or myself, my mother's beaded bracelet looked like an ordinary beaded bracelt but their was a story. 



I came across the artist YINKA LLORI

who made interiors which had a narrative - chairs that has characteristics made to represent people in his life and memories.


Going to the library at Kings cross to do some research. It was helpful because I came a cross quite a few different artists as well as tattoo Art. 

I also further researched the Vietnam war and came across the topic : Agent Orange a code name for a chemical which was sprayed over Vietnam. 

Digital Prints






Deciding on themes to look at that weren't connected to textiles or fashion, was personally easy for me as my story had a lot of different connectives, from looking at children affected by war was a huge issue; my parents were witnesses to it and also whilst researching I discovered a taboo topic 

known as

"Agent Orange" 




Hunterian Museum

Disappointed that the Hunterian museum was closed because it was so relevant to the topic theme that I chose, I decided to look for other alternatives


I decided to go to Tate Modern to help inspire the context to my theme I had an Idea that I would look in to tattoo but I also felt that it was so literal and that I wanted to create a narrative that really depicts my parent's story - I personally felt that Tate modern was a great place to look to see how different artist choose to interrupt the themes as well as convey their ideas to the public, even though I initially wanted to create a textiles piece I wanted to also explore other ways to give context to my textiles pieces whether they be in a performance piece or a short film.